Council and Committee Members Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Chairpersons
Chairpersons of committees are responsible for conducting the meetings and providing the leadership needed to achieve the charge assigned to the group. The Chairperson is also responsible for arranging or working with ABHP Executive Committee to arrange meeting sites, dates and social functions for the Annual meetings. It is the responsibility of the chair to see that complete minutes are prepared following each meeting and that copies are provided to the ABHP Secretary. The Chairperson works with the Board Liaison to insure that the reports and proposals to the Executive Committee are submitted in the proper format and on time. Chairpersons are encouraged to make very economical plans and stay within the budget of the organization. Click here for more information on committee chairs.

Responsibilities of Board Liaisons
Board liaisons are the communications link between the ABHP Executive Committee and the committee to which they have been assigned. The Board Liaison is responsible for helping the group understand the charge given the group as well as the positions and policies of ABHP. The Board Liaison is also responsible for communicating the recommendations of the group to the ABHP Executive Committee. The Board Liaison has a broad view of ABHP and can advise the group on how their recommendations might fit into the overall picture or conflict with current policies and goals of the organization. Board Liaisons may serve as Chair or Co-Chair of a Council and are responsible for working with the President and the Board to insure all proposals and reports are submitted in the correct format and in a timely fashion.

Responsibilities of Committee Members
Members of committees are responsible for being prepared for meetings, arriving and starting on time, participating in discussions and following up on any assignments they may have accepted.

Reports and Proposals
A copy of minutes of all meetings should be submitted to the ABHP Secretary as soon after the meeting as possible (preferably within two weeks). All proposals to the Executive Committee must be in the proper Format for Committee Reports. Any proposal, which will require membership approval, must be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration no later than 14 days prior to the meeting with the membership so that it may be considered and acted on.

Members of committees are generally appointed for a one-year term and serve until the next Annual Meeting. A third or more of the members may be reappointed the following year for continuity. Officers and members of the Executive Committee serve for 2-year terms.